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Pencil Insert Tray



Increases storage and functionality to a drawer
Multi- sized compartments for storage
Keeps pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, ect.  within easy reach
Made of durable polypropylene
Made in the U.S.A.

Black, $4.48 each

Qty :

Computer Desk Control Panel


Illuminated 15A circuit breaker/rocker
switch with auto reset.

Labeled (mold engraved) switches to
power devices individually

Convenience outlet and phone jack
located on front panel.

LED on front panel to indicate unit is connected to properly grounded outlet.

Easy installation into furniture via routed opening, held in place with spring clips.

UL listed and CSA certified.

PCH646"COMPTROLLER" provides power and convenience for computer workstations.  This "always on" outlet is great for charging notebook batteries even when the main system is not on.  Designed to provide a convenient mode of controlling the power supply, with phone and data access ports for personal computer systems.

Prod# 704-4300-231 (With Black Cover)

Only!  $62.95
Qty :

Click Here for Workstation Brackets

Office Workstations-Create a convenient workstation to house printers, fax machines, scanners, or phone systems on just about any wall. Place the station at any height so users can access equipment while sitting or standing. At home, create a bill paying or letter writing area, anywhere there's extra wall space. The compact design is a perfect space-saving solution for many modern homes.


Haworth Panel Accessories

HW Panel Hardware

Standard Paint Finishes
Color Code
Solar Black SB
 Grey Value 1 G1
Tan Value 1 T1
Warm Brown 1 WB
Warm White WW
Wood Rose WR
HW 4" Base Cover Colors
Color Code
Greytone GT
Charcoal Ch
Smoke SM

HW OEM Corner Fabric Retainer Clip

Description:  Used to bridge Vertical and Horizontal fabric retainer channels and to hold fabric securely at corners on an OEM Panel. Eight (8) required per panel.  Not for use on panel blanks.

Number Dimensions
Price Qty
HWPO53.0100 7/16" $.92
HWPO53.0200 9/16"   .92

HW Panel Top Cap

Number Dim
Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWPOO7.12 12W $15.00 $12.00
HWPOO7.24 24W   17.00   15.00
HWPOO7.30 30W   18.00   16.00
HWPOO7.36 36W   20.00   17.00
HWPOO7.42 42W   22.00   18.00
HWPOO7.48 48W   24.00   19.00
HWPOO7.60 60W   28.00   22.00

HW Top Cap Clip


Description: Used to secure top cap to panel. Spring Steel.  OEM compatible.

Number Price Qty
HWPOO6.0200 $1.08

HW Panel Slide Rail

Description:  Extruded aluminum.  Slotted to accept hanging components.  designed to be compatible with OEM panel systems.
Note:  For unpainted HW Side Rail add Suffix. AL
(see finishes)

Number Dim
Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWPOO8.33 12W $23.00 $17.00
HWPOO8.41 24W  26.00 19.00
HWPOO8.30 30W  29.00 21.00
HWPOO8.46 46W  32.50 24.00
HWPOO8.54 54W  36.00 26.50
HWPOO8.64 64W  39.50 29.00
HWPOO8.78 78W  47.50 34.50

HW Panel Slide Rail Locking Clip

Description: Spring steel used to lock side rail top panel.  OEM compatible.

Number Price Qty
HWPO52.01 $.32


HW Panel Glide Housing

Description: Stamped steel glide housing.  Works with 2 or 3 slotted HW product.  Note:  For unpainted Glide Housing add suffix AL

Number   Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWPO42.02 Glide
$7.50 $6.70

(see finishes)


HW Panel Glide

Description: 3/8-16 glide with molded plastic base, approximately 1 7/8" diameter.  Use glide insert tool with power drill to insert and remove from glide housing.

Number   Dimensions Price Qty
HWP154.01BK Glide 6.5H $1.90
HWP154.02BK Glide 8.5H   2.10
UNP115.01BK Glide Insert Tool 60.00

HW Wall Mount Strip


Description: Extruded aluminum use to start or anchor panel to solid wall.  OEM compatible.  NOTE:  Add suffix AL for unpainted Wall Mount Strip.

SPECIFY:  Product Number, Paint Finish.

Number Dim Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWPO35.42 42H $30.25 $23.25
HWPO35.48 48H   33.75   25.25
HWPO35.62 62H   38.75   27.75
HWPO35.66 66H   39.75   28.25
HWPO35.80 80H   45.75   32.25

HW Non-Powered Strip

Description:  Extruded Aluminum- satin finish.  Used to attach raceway base covers to bottom of HW panels or to non-powered OEM panels.  For attachment panels, use NP Strip screws, above; for OEM panels, use OEM turn-lock fasteners.  Non-powered strip is OEM compatible.

Number Dim W Unpainted Qty
HWP370.12 12W $3.50
HWP370.18 18W   4.00
HWP370.24 24W   5.00
HWP370.30 30W   5.50
HWP370.36 36W   6.00
HWP370.42 42W   7.10
HWP370.48 48W   7.40
HWP370.60 60W   9.00
UNP858.O1Z1 NP Strip Screw         .05 ea.

HW 4" Powered Base Covers, OEM


Description:  Powered raceway covers have (2) duplex.  openings except the 24" which has one (1) opening.  OEM powered raceway covers have (2) openings per side to accommodate OEM power blocks.  NOTE:  Order outlet cover clips separately for OEM powered raceway covers.

Note: For Paint Finish see chart above

Number Dim W Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWP420.24 24W $38.00 $17.00
HWP420.30 30W 50.00 19.00
HWP420.36 36W 53.00 21.00
HWP420.42 42W 56.00 24.00
HWP42048 48W 62.00 26.50
HWP420.60 60W 73.00 29.00
HWP350.01 Electrical Outlet Cover Clip 3.00 4.50

HW 4" Base Cover End Cap

Description:  Use with HW non-powered strip to attach to panel.

Note: For Paint Finish see chart above

Number Dimensions
Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWP410.12 12W $26.00 $19.00
HWP410.24 24W   36.00   26.00
HWP410.30 30W   41.00   30.00
HWP410.36 36W   47.00   33.00
HWP410.42 42W   53.00   37.00
HWP41048 48W   59.00   41.00
HWP410.60 60W   73.00   48.00

HW End Cap

Description:  2" x 3 1/2" molded end cap snaps into end of base covers.  Use at end of run.

(see finishes)

Number Painted Neutral  
HWP444.01 21.5" H  
email for current pricing current availability and pricing

HW Wire Management Connector
2W90 degrees & 3W

Description: Painted steel 2W 90 & 3W covers to hide distribution cable at base of panel connections..

See Paint Finishes. 

Number Dimensions Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWP441.02 2 Way 90 $28.00 $22.00
HWP441.03 3 Way 28.00   22.00

Overhead Storage

HW Flipper Door Kits

Description:  HW Flipper Door Kits contain one painted Flipper Cover, one Flipper Door unfinished with two slides.  The proper length of T-Edges unattached, and all necessary hardware including lock.  The Flipper Door Kits are designed to be compatible with OEM shelf products which are 15 1/2" high by 13" deep.

Number Dimensions
Unpainted Qty
HWU31.24 24W $165.00
HWU31.30 30W   171.00
HWU31.36 36W   180.00
HWU31.42 42W   192.00
HWU31.48 48W    202.00
HWU31.60 60W    220.00

HW Flipper Door Fronts

Description:  Unpainted  HW Flipper Door Fronts are 3/4" MDF routed to accept HW T-Edge (not included) and ready to accept fabric of your choice.

Number Dimensions
Unpainted Qty
HWPO12.24 24W $44.00
HWPO12.30 30W   48.00
HWPO12.36 36W  52.00
HWPO12.42 42W  60.00
HWPO12.48 48W   64.00
HWPO12.60 60W   74.00

HW Flipper Door Slide

Description:  Bright zinc-plate Accuride slide designed to be compatible with OEM Flipper Doors.  Mounting screws are included.  Two slides are required per Flipper Door assembly.

Number Dimensions
Price Qty
HWPOO5.1500 15" $24.00 ea.

HW Flipper Door Lock Assembly

Description: Complete stainless steel lock assembly, with two keys and mounting screws.  Designed to be compatible with OEM Flipper Door Assemblies.

Number Price Qty
HWUO14.0100 $14.00

HW Shelf Kit

Description:  Unit includes Painted Shelf, 1 pair finished Shelf Ends and face screws.

Note: Shelf Paint Finish and Shelf End Melamine Color.

Number Dimensions
Unpainted Qty
HWUO33.24 24W  13D   $126.00
HWUO33.30 30W   13D     127.00
HWUO33.36 36W   13D     131.00
HWUO33.42 42W   13D     136.00
HWUO33.48 48W   13D     142.00
HWUO33.60 60W   13D     150.00

HW Shelf/Cover

Description:  Heavy Duty steel used for general storage and flipper tops, designed to be compatible with OEM shelf ends.

See Paint Finishes. 


Painted Unpainted Qty/Color
HWPOO9.24 24W  13D $42.00   $29.00
HWPOO9.30 30W   13D 43.00     30.00
HWPOO9.36 36W   13D 47.00     33.00
HWPOO9.42 42W   13D 52.00     35.00
HWPOO9.48 48W   13D 58.00     42.00
HWPOO9.60 60W   13D 66.00     46.00

HW Shelf End
Assembled With Applied T-Edge

Description:  Finished Shelf Ends are melamine covered to match OEM colors.  For other colors please purchase unfinished product (HWPO32.15) and paint accordingly.  Shelf End Screws are used on the inside face of shelf ends to hang shelves and flipper doors.

Note:  email us for color selection

Number Dimensions
HWPO31.15 15.5h  13.5D  $84.00/pr.
Screws Available


Face Screw


HW T-Edge

Description:  Extruded plastic-designed to be compatible with OEM shelf ends and hanging lateral file fronts.

For Paint Finish see chart above.

Number Dimensions
Price Qty
HWPOO1.25 250/roll $112.00/roll

HW shelf End
Unassembled Unpainted

Face Screw

Description:  Unfinished Shelf Ends include inserts.  Surfaces are ready for paint.  Order Shelf End Face Screws, Gasket, Clips, Screws & T-Edge separately.  Shelf End Screws are used on the face of each End to hang Shelves and Flipper Doors.

Number Dimensions
Unpainted Qty
HWPO32.15 15.5  13.5D  $62.00/pr.
HWP863.02Z1 Face Screw   12-24 x 375"     .12/ea.
HWP863.01Z1 Face Screw   10-24 x 312" (old)     .10/ea.

HW Shelf

Description:  Steel Shelf Hanger Clip designed to be compatible with OEM shelf ends.  Four required for each pair of shelf ends.

Number Dimensions
Price Qty
HWPO1.OOA 4" $2.20/ea.
HWBB2.O1Z1 Clip Screw     .25/ea.

HW Option 1 Shelf Unit
Half Height

Description:  Shipped ready to assemble.  Unit includes shelf, shelf ends with attaching hardware.  Assembly instructions included.
Note: See Paint Finishes. 

Number W H D Price Qty/Color
HWP719.24 24W 7H 12.75D $78.00
HWP719.30 30W 7H 12.75D   82.00
HWP719.36 36W 7H 12.75D   84.00
HWP719.42 42W 7H 12.75D   88.00
HWP719.48 48W 7H 12.75D   90.00
HWP719.60 60W 7H 12.75D  98.00

HW Option 1 Flipper Door
 Conversion Kit

Description:  Kit includes painted top and receding flipper door front.  Use with Option 1 full height shelf to convert to flipper door unit.  Hardware & lock enclosed.  Assembly instructions included.
See Paint Finishes. 

Number W D Price Qty
HWP274.24 24W 12.75D $190.00
HWP274.30 30W 12.75D   202.00
HWP274.36 36W 12.75D   216.00
HWP274.42 42W 12.75D   224.00
HWP274.48 48W 12.75D   246.00
HWP274.60 60W 12.75D   304.00

HW Option 1 Flipper Unit
Receding Painted Metal Door

Description:  Shipped ready to assemble.  Unit includes shelf, door top, shelf ends with attaching hardware.  Flipper door front recedes into unit.  Lock may be keyed to match pedestals.  Assembly instructions included.

See Paint Finishes. 

Number W H D Price Qty/Color
HWP731.24 24W 16.5H 12.75D $240.00
HWP731.30 30W 16.5H 12.75D 250.00
HWP731.36 36W 16.5H 12.75D 268.00
HWP731.42 42W 16.5H 12.75D 272.00
HWP731.48 48W 16.5H 12.75D 296.00
HWP731.60 60W 16.5H 12.75D 394.00

HW Aluminum
 Wall Hanger Strip
 And Toggle Anchor

Description:  Wall Hanger Strip is slotted aluminum extrusion for hanging HW components and work surfaces.  Toggle anchor is for securing wall hanger strip to drywall. 

Number   H Aluminum Qty
HWP034.60AL Wall Hanger Strip 60 H 39.00/ea.
HWP034.72AL Wall Hanger Strip 72 H 40.00
HWP034.84AL Wall Hanger Strip 84 H 44.00
UNP885.0100 Nylon Toggle Anchor 1.80/ea.
UNP886.0300 Toggle Anchor Bolt .40/ea.

Toggle Anchor


Formed aluminum extrusion, machined to fit O.E.M. Panels.  Available painted or non- painted for customers own finish.

Product Number
12" H.0008.12
18" H.0008.18
24" H.0008.24
30" H.0008.30
36" H.0008.36
42" H.0008.42
48" H.0008.48
60" H.0008.60

Available Finishes
GT- Graytone GR- Graphite
PL- Platinum NA- Natural
SM- Smoke CH- Charcoal



Designed to be compatible with O.E.M. Panel Top Cap and Top Cap, H.0008.XX.  Constructed of heat treated spring steel.

Product Number Finish
H.0030.01.00 Zinc Plated


Constructed of heat treated spring steel.  Used to lock HW Side Rail (H.0011.XX.XX) to side of Panel Blank. Two required per panel.  Attach with standard pop rivet.
Note:  To be used only with  HW Panel Blank

Product Number Finish
H.0032.01.00 Black


High quality aluminum extrusion, designed to clip to side of original O.E.M.  Panel to allow Work Surfaces and other components to be hung from panel system.  Available painted and non- painted.

Fits Panel Height Product Number
35" H.0011.33
43" H.0011.41
48" H.0011.46
54" H.0011.52
62" H.0011.60
66" H.0011.64
80" H.0011.78

Available Finishes
GT- Graytone GR- Graphite
PL- Platinum NA- Natural
SM- Smoke CH- Charcoal




1 7/8" diameter molded plastic base with 3/8 - 16 x 6.5" bolt.  Designed to screw directly into original O.E.M. glide housing.  Use Glide Tool to insert or remove Glide with power drill.

Size/Description Product Number Finish
6.5" H.0009.01 BK
Glide Tool U.0081.01.00  


Designed to be compatible with O.E.M.  Group Panels and  Panels and  Panel Blanks.  Constructed of high impact injection molded polycarbonate.

GT- Gray Tone   CH- Charcoal   NT- Neutraltone
SM- Smoke   GR- Graphite   BE- Beige
TA- Taupe   NA- Natural

Product Number


Home of Wizard Brand Products!


High quality slotted aluminum extrusion.  Designed to attach directly to wall surface allowing O.E.M.  compatible components or Work Surfaces to be hung directly from the wall.  Use 3/16" Toggle Bolt Anchor and 3/16" x 3" Flat Phillips Toggle Bolt to fasten Wall Hanger Strip to drywall or other types of wall materials.  Fasteners purchased separately.  Use one Toggle Bolt Anchor and Toggle Bolt per foot.

Length Product Number Price Qty
60" H.0010.60AL $29.00
72" H.0010.72AL   33.00
84" H.0010.84AL   38.00


Product Number Description Price Qty
U0085.01.00 3/16" Toggler Bolt Anchor $1.00
U0086.01.ZI 3/16" x 3" Flat Phillips Toggler Bolt   0.86


21.5" extruded Hinge used to connect HW Panels together Compatible with O.E.M. Panel hardware.

GT-Graytone  BT-Browntone  Ch- Charcoal  NT-Neutral  SM Smoke  GR- Graphite  BE-Beige  TA- Taupe UP-Unpainted

Product Number


Used to connect Panels to walls or additional Panels at a 90 degree angle.  HW Panel Hinges (H.0023.01.XX) are needed to assemble Panels to Wall Mounts.

GT-Graytone  BT-Browntone  Ch- Charcoal  NT-Neutral  SM Smoke  GR- Graphite  BE-Beige  TA- Taupe UP-Unpainted

Panel Size Product Number
42" H.0048.42
48" H.0048.48
62" H.0048.62
66" H.0048.66
80" H.0048.80


Formed from heavy duty steel.  HW Shelves can be used for either flipper cabinet tops or general storage shelves.  HW Shelves are designed to be compatible with O.E.M. Shelf Ends or  HW Shelf Ends, product number H.0006.01.

GT-Graytone  BT-Browntone  Ch- Charcoal  NT-Neutral  SM Smoke  GR- Graphite  BE-Beige  TA- Taupe UP-Unpainted

Size Product Number
24" x 13" H.0005.24
30" x 13" H.0005.30
36" x 13" H.0005.36
42" x 13" H.0005.42
48" x 13" H.0005.48
60" x 13" H.0005.60

Can be ordered as a kit, product number H.0084.XX.XX, which includes Shelf and assembled Ends.  

HW Shelf Ends are designed to be O.E.M. compatible.  Sturdy and durable thaey are constructed of particle board covered with O.E.M. vinyl and available in the HW finishes listed.  Pre- grooved to accept T- edge.
T-edge must be ordered separately.

GT-Graytone  BT-Browntone  Ch- Charcoal  NT-Neutral  SM Smoke  GR- Graphite  BE-Beige  TA- Taupe UP-Unpainted

Size Product Description Product Number
15.5" x 13.5" Shelf Ends H.006.01

Home Of Wizard Brand Products!

*  Unassembled kits consist of; one pair of Shelf Ends, T- Edge Hanger Clips, and Screws plus Shelf End Face Screws.
** Assembled kits come ready to install with all parts listed above.

High quality steel Clip to attach Shelf End Panel Hanger Frame or Wall Mounting Strip.  Four clips needed per pair of Shelf Ends

Length Product Number In Stock Finish
4" H0007.01 GA


#8- 12 1.5 Pan Head Phillips Particle Board Screw used to attach  HW Hanger Clip, H.0007.01 to Shelf End.  Eight screws are required per pair of Shelf Ends.

Product Number Finish
U.0049.01 BK


12- 24 x .375 Shelf End Face Screw used on the face of HW Shelf Ends, H.0006.01 to attach Shelf End to Metal Shelf of Flipper unit.  Eight screws required per pair of Shelf Ends

Product Number Finish
H.0037.01 ZI


Extruded rigid PVC Trim Strip used on back of Shelf End to conceal Shelf End Hanger Clips for a finish look.
HW Available Finishes:
GT- Graytone    SM- Smoke

Product Number


High quality, cast aluminum construction.  Comes complete with Hanger Clip
GT-Graytone  BT-Browntone  Ch- Charcoal  NT-Neutral  SM Smoke  GR- Graphite  BE-Beige  TA- Taupe UP-Unpainted

Size Product Number
19" H0003.01

Can be ordered as complete kit which includes Retainer and Retainer Clips.
Additional lead time and set-up charge may be required for non stock- finishes.

Standard 13- guage steel Bracket hes to O.E.M. style cantilever to hang on Panel Siderail or Wall Track, Order as left or right handed.

Product Number


19- gauge galvanized steel Retainer Strip used secure Work Surfaces to the Support Arm

Size Product Number Finish
7.5" U.0011.06 Z1



Pan Head Phillips Screw for use with H.0004.01 Retainer Bar.  Use 3 per Retainer Strip.

Size Product Number Z1
1.75" U.011.06 Z1


HW Support Arms can be ordered as a kit which consists of 1 pair of Support Arms , 2 Retainer s and 6 Retainer Screws.  All HW Finishes are available.

Size Product Number
19" H.0063.XX

HW Support Arm Kits  

Stamped 13- gauge steel, 23" long.  Works on all major office systems using 1" centered Hanger Frame.

Safety Note:  Recommends the installation of Retaining Screws into Hanger Frame directly above top of Hanger to further reduce the likelihood of Work Surface collapse.

Size Product Number
23" H0071.24


Stamped 13- gauge steel designed to mount Counter Caps to Panels.

Product Number Finish
H.0082.01 UP
H0082.R1 (Right Hand) UP
H0082.L1 (Left hand) UP


Stamped 13- gauge steel bracket used to mount straight end 0of peninsular Work Surface to Side Rails of Panels or Wall Hanger Strips.

Product Number Finish
H.0083.01 UP
H.0083.R1 (Right Hand) UP
H.0083.L1 (Left Hand) UP


Stamped 13- gauge.  Steel Plate is attached to under sides of adjoining Work Surfaces or Counter Caps for added stability.

Product Number Finish
H.0067.01 BK


13- gauge 3" x 5" steel plate.  Plates are attached to underside of Work Surface or Counter Caps with HM Retainer Screws, product number U.0011.02. Used to add strength where two surfaces join.

Size Product Number Finish
3" x 5"" U.0032.01 BK


Installs flush with Work Surface allowing cable and wire pass through.  Dimension 2" x 4".

Product Number Finish
U.0031.01 BK
U.0031.02 BK


Provides multiple power outlets at Work Surface height 6' power cord can be plugged into wall outlet or panel system electrical distribution.  Protected by circuit breaker.

Product Number Finish
U0050.01 BK


email us for Availability and Current Pricing
Haworth Used Price









PCOF-1B 12"


PTS-1-B1 12"


PCE-24, 36, 48-BL




Power Base 4" strip 24"


Power Base 4" strip 30"


Power Base 4" strip 36"


Power Base 4" strip 48"


Power Base 4" strip 60"


Haworth OEM 4" covers-42"


Power Base 4" Glides & Housing


Clone 4" Base Covers-42"


Clone 4" Base Covers-60"


Unigroup-48" Siderails


WC-6 Vertical 6FT.


EC-10 End Cap Tri C












Reg Shelf Ends


PDS-20"  (Graytone)






UDS PEDS-24" Graph






HW Cantilevers Used











PL-30  80


PL-36  90


PL-42  200








PL-60  150





HW CLONE TB Clips pairs


HW CLONE Tie Brackets ea.


HW CLONE Panel Mount Kit left or right


HW CLONE Corner Bracket pr


HW CLONE Flush Mount kit ea


HW CLONE Center Top Sup. pr


HW CLONE Retainer Channel ea


HW CLONE WS Support Bracket left or right


HW CLONE Reg Shelf ends pr without


HW CLONE Shelf ends pr with tmold


HW CLONE Top Cap Clip each


HW CLONE Fabric Corner Clip


HW CLONE 12" Tasklight bar


HW CLONE 15" Tasklight bar


TL Kit (makes TL hanging) 12"


TL Kit (makes TL hanging) 12"


HW Clone Flipper door slide pr


Flipper Door lock kits


Lock Plug ea


Lock Housing ea


PT-4WD PB Windows


PT-4EC PB End Caps




HW CLONE Shelf end lock clip


HW CLONE Cantilever Bracket


HW CLONE Cantilever Spring


Power Base Panel Cut Down Tool


HW Shelf End Screws


HW Conversion Bracket CONV


HW WS Mounting Bracket


HW CLONE Walltrack 32" 


HW CLONE  Walltrack 64"


HW CLONE Walltrack 72"


HW CLONE Walltrack 84"


*Shipping and Handling charges will be added based on order quantity.